This is a black and white professional photograph of an interracial couple. Asian American man with his caucasian wife and biracial children smile in front of the family home in Philadelphia. This is a rowhouse in South Philadelphia.
Lu's pronouns are they/them. Lu is nonbinary, biracial person living in Philadelphia. This black and white photograph is a professional lifestyle documentary image that was shot during the COVID lockdown in Philadelphia.
Levi sits in front of his South Philadelphia home during the Stay At Home orders from Covid 19. This is a black and white photo shot by a professional lifestyle photographer. This image is documenting life during the lockdown.
This girl and her family in front of their rowhome in Kensington in Philadelphia. Her parents are artists and they are happy and playful in this lifestyle black and white photograph. The parents work for a nonprofit.
An African American family with two boys and a girl. The family is part of a journalistic body of photographs called Family at a Distance. Shot during the covid 19 stay at home order in Philadelphia.
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